Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

       Well its a Sunday afternoon, and I'm seating here with my husband watching football and thinking about a lot of things.  Have you ever just thought about how things might or might not be close to how you have been raised?  For me its how close things are so close to how my parents.  Its funny to me right now;am in education like my mother (thought I was leaving at one time), hard on my children (like my mother) and other things are similar.  Am happy with my life, wouldn't change to much.  Just trying to help my husband get our family to the level we will have a great hill of wealth for our children.

I've decided to try for my teaching degree for elementary, trying to make this goal.  Achieving this goal will teach my daughter  to never give.  I was recently engaged in a new campaign about girl empowerment, and really liked how they give positive messages to young girls.  You should really check their sites out!


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well it looks like you are going have to wait for a minute until I get the right giveaway for you to enter.  The one with the KiteReader Accessories is not all the good, products might be great to have; however giving your information to a company without your permission isn't nice.  

So on that note we will wait for the right one for us.  I will start writing more, there is a lot of things going on that is just too good to keep to myself..........