Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stop the World

It's a Saturday morning and so much has gone on in a small amount of time, that I just sit here and ask myself "What has happened in my life."

You see for me to ask this I have to sit back and look back on things.  36, married with two children (by the same man), and searching for the bright side of life.  Don't get me wrong happy to have my husband and children;however there are things that make me just want to "Stop the world!".  I use to believe once I got married everything would be okay and nothing would be wrong.  That my Knight in Shining armor would take all my worries away, instead of the feeling of losing my self image.  Driving through this part of my life on the side of the road and not along the actual road.

I'm okay, just can't help to think am complacance with my life.  Working in the school district (for 11yrs. now), went from the classroom to the library now the IST office.  at times I believe staying in the classroom is my best bet.  Teaching is in my heart, but you know we do as humans (when people think your not making enough money) we move on to another job.  That's where DHS comes in.  Well we are about leave and go to the fair (I'll be back)........

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